4 tips to create a successful Facebook ad

Where should you buy traffic?

For most situation, I would say to start with Facebook!


As we all know, Facebook is a social networking platform which enable people to share interesting content, photographs, videos and so much more. Digitalmarketers.com suggests that the best option is to start with Facebook


Because the ad platform is easy to use and that is very important if you have just started, plus Facebook has 1.3 billion users and the targeting options are infinite. Here are some interesting points on why Facebook is highly effective Top 5 reasons to advertise on Facebook. Before going straight to the point, YOU CAN Watch a free tutorial on how to create a Facebook add.

Now let’s discuss some very important tools that will help you reach your goals.


So YES, you all know what Facebook is, but have you heard of Facebook insights? Facebook insights is a very powerful analytics tools that will help you understand how your content is resonating with your audience, data related to your Facebook page such as likes, demographics, reach and engagement.

Read an insightful guide to become more proficient with Facebook analytics and Jump into this exciting new world!

TIPS #1 defining your target audience 


You know… the proverbial, “You can’t sell hay to a farmer.” 🤔 WHAT Do I mean by that?


Imagine that you have created the perfect message for your campaign but then fail to present it to the right audience …

You must determine where you market is, that is your very first step to success!

Your audience is out there!

It is crucial is to know your ideal customer, where they are located, gender, age, personality traits and emotions, what do they buy, what they like, what kind of book they read …

Digitalmarketer.com offers a customer Avatar Worksheet for only AUD $7

A lot more


Your audience is out there!

It is crucial is to know your ideal customers, where they are located, gender,age, personality traits and emotions, what do they buy, what do they like, what kind of books are they reading ?

Digitalmarketer.com offers a customer Avatar Worksheet for only AUD $7

Roy morgan reserach also offer a large range of persona by browsin the communities and help you define your audience. The website has enomours resources and  offers an overview of the profiles, you can access statistics and data for an extra cost.

Tips # 2 People don’t buy products or services…


Once you have determined your audience, review your campaign.

Most people purchases are driven by the need to belong and feel loved and accepted. Make your customers fall in love with your brand! people tend to buy outcomes, they buy access to the “After” state. Make sure that your offer is genuinely crafted around the customer desired “After” sate.

Tips # 3 Create multiple designs 

By creating multiple design for you campaign by changing graphics and illustrations.  Because some graphics will work with some people but others won’t. just be ready and create multiple design to be tested. Here is an example!

Tips # 4  Address customers fears

Online products are hard to sell if you are new to the market.  People will always question the quality of your brand, what am I buying? is it a good product? people tend to want to test the product before making a purchase because they are scarred of losing money.  Free sample could help creating brand awareness! I’m not saying that you should give your product away. But you should probably! By giving sample and asking for feedback, you could definitely boost your brand reputation. Testimonials are important!

You can do it right, Good luck!

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